Bluestar BioAdvisors Welcomes Paul Zhang as Partner

Bluestar BioAdvisors announced today that Paul Zhang has been named as a Partner of the firm. He joins Darren Eskow and Monika Trzcinska as the Operating Partners of Bluestar ...

The Consulting Business of Torreya Insights Spins Out into a New Entity - Bluestar BioAdvisors, LLC

The consulting team from Torreya Insights has spun out into a new entity called Bluestar BioAdvisors, LLC. (“Bluestar”). A boutique, client-centered consulting firm specializing in the life sciences industry, Bluestar will be led by co-founders and Managing Directors ...

Case Studies

Case Study 1: Due Diligence for the Selling Company in the Context of an M&A Transaction

Case Study 2: Financial assessment and asset positioning

Case Study 3: Market and financial assessment in support of a licensing transaction

Case Study 4: Technology platform assessment in the context of future product opportunities and partnering

Case Study 5: Financial assessment and non-binding term sheets analysis in support of a licensing transaction


Moving beyond the Aβeta hypothesis of Alzheimer’s Disease

This presentation by Monika Trzcinska and Darren Eskow reviews the pipeline trends and outcome of clinical trials in Alzheimer’s disease and proposes implications for future development.

Acquiring and Partnering Assets

This presentation by Monika Trzcinska and Darren Eskow is designed to introduce and review various strategies used to conduct asset searches and engage in the partnering process.

Approaches to Financial Valuation

This presentation by Alexander Deardorff, Jessica Baylan, Monika Trzcinska, and Darren Eskow introduces and reviews various strategies for constructing financial valuations of biopharmaceutical assets.