Case Studies

Asset / Portfolio Strategy Case Study

Assessment of potential lifecycle indications for a small molecule targeted therapy in biomarker-defined solid tumors

The Situation

  • A biotechnology client company needed to evaluate the market landscape and commercial potential for its late-stage targeted therapy across seven tumor types with the relevant biomarker

The Ask

  • Comprehensive competitive landscape and commercial opportunity assessment for each indication
  • Perspective on the importance of the biomarker in driving disease and where the client’s asset could be positioned in each tumor type
  • Factors that could influence adoption in each indication, leading to a US and WW revenue potential

The Actions


Primary Research

  • Conducted in-depth expert interviews across indications with a focus on key opinion leaders involved in similar trials
  • Developed perspective on receptivity to the product and factors that would influence adoption in each indication


Secondary Research

  • Assessed disease overview and epidemiology, diagnosis, patient segmentation, including prevalence of relevant biomarker, size of the addressable patient population, patient journey, and treatment paradigm
  • Provided overview of the competitive landscape, development pipeline, and unmet need



  • Developed a set of criteria to determine prioritization of LCM indications, taking into consideration factors including revenue potential, synergy with asset’s lead indication, and development hurdles

The Impact

Delivered a detailed overview of each disease, including the current and evolving treatment paradigm, role and evidence for the biomarker of interest, and a view of the potential for late-stage assets to disrupt the target market

Provided the client with a thorough understanding of the potential positioning of its targeted therapy by tumor types and the hurdles it would need to clear to become standard of care, including adoption of biomarker testing and differentiation from available treatment options

Utilized framework to force-rank indications; output provided the foundation for which LCM indications should be prioritized for internal development vs. investigator-sponsored trials

Representative Deliverables

Disease Overview

Sample report page

Revenue Potential

Sample report page

Product Positioning

Sample report page