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The Bluestar BioAdvisors Team and expert guests translate the data of today into implications for the business of science of tomorrow.

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The Bluestar BioAdvisors team shares insights on drug pipelines and predicts industry trends. Each episode is hosted by a senior member of our New York City based life sciences consulting firm. The host is typically joined by an external expert guest, with whom the host expands on their experiences providing insights and recommendations for industry leaders and emergent innovators.


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Erin Olsen

Ep. 3: May 30, 2024

What We're Watching at ASCO 2024

Bluestar's Principal Jeff Fineberg and Managing Director Erin Olsen discuss interesting abstracts related to two topics in particular: unmet needs in 1L therapy and the KRAS G12C mutation landscape.

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Dr. Pietro Canetta

Ep. 2: Dec. 6, 2023

Making Sense of the Latest IgAN Trials (with Dr. Pietro Canetta)

After attending ASN Kidney Week, Bluestar Principal Jeff Fineberg sits down with Dr. Pietro Canetta to talk all things IgA nephropathy (IgAN).

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Dr. Beatrice Goilav

Ep. 1: Nov. 1, 2023

What We’re Looking for at ASN Kidney Week 2023: A Conversation with Dr. Beatrice Goilav

Principal Jeff Fineberg, PhD, sits down with nephrologist Beatrice Goilav, MD, to talk all things Kidney Week. Dr. Goilav offers her thoughts on an ideal day-by-day itinerary, as well as her hopes for what will be presented at a variety of sessions.

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