Case Studies

Competitive Strategy Planning Case Study

Simulation workshop to prepare for competitive strategy and messaging for a new AML drug

The Situation

  • Client was preparing the launch of a potentially best-in-class drug for AML
  • Market landscape was shifting rapidly with breakthrough data from a competitor’s Phase III data

The Ask

  • Client wished to delineate the competitive scenarios of treatment regimen development in AML, sharpen competitive messages to compete in this increasingly fragmented market, and develop cross-functional consensus

The Actions


Initiated Project

  • Identified project participants and roles
  • Identified key sources of information and materials
  • Scheduled required meetings
  • Collected and reviewed company materials

Developed Workshop Plan and Materials

  • Worked with company to finalize workshop agenda and logistics
  • Generated trial-outcomes scenarios
  • Conducted secondary research
  • Developed materials for workshop and pre-meeting session

Conducted Pre-Workshop Session

  • Conducted virtual meeting to review:
    • Objectives and scope of workshop
    • Roles and responsibilities
    • Background on Disease
    • Company and competitor supported trials

Facilitated Workshop

  • Conducted workshop
    • Aligned on key points of differentiation for therapies
    • Designed potential messages and strategies
    • Refined drug positioning and messaging strategy

Synthesized Workshop Findings

  • Synthesized and reviewed outputs from workshop
  • Develop final report:
    • SWOT analysis and differentiation
    • Threat assessment
    • Strategies and messages to defend DRUG against competitors

The Impact

Developed real time competitive data mapping and treatment regimen adoption scenarios as pre-read to the workshop

Facilitated cross-functional interactive workshop over two days with global team participation, generating dynamic discussion on scenarios, counter measures, and key messages for the brand

Consolidated key learnings during the workshop and organized debrief with client team to solidify and reaffirm key takeaways

Representative Deliverables

Competitor Backgrounders

Sample report page

Workshop Pre-reads

Sample report page

Workshop Materials

Sample report page

Workshop Output

Sample report page